• What is the difference between a whiteboard and an interactive flat panel?

    Once upon a time, teachers used to teach lessons by displaying information on a blackboard or even on a projector. However, as technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, so has the education sector. With the development of modern technology, there are now many alternatives to classroom teaching...
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  • Chinese Spring Festival Holiday notices

    Dear customer, thanks for your support for Qomo. Kindly note that we will be on Chinese Spring Festival(Chinese New Year) from1.18-1.29, 2023. Though we will have the holiday time, welcome any of the opportunities quoting concerned response system, document camera, interactive touch screen and...
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  • Is that interactive whiteboard will take the place of blackboard?

    Blackboard history and the story of how chalkboards were first created dates back to the early 1800s.By the mid 19th century, blackboards were common use in classrooms all over the globe. Interactive whiteboards have become seriously useful tools for teachers in the modern era.Interactive whiteb...
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  • How to choose a best document camera for you?

      Document cameras are amazingly useful devices that allow you to share all kinds of images, objects, and projects to a large audience. You can view an object from various angles, you can connect your document camera to a computer or whiteboard, and you don’t need to turn off the lights to d...
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  • Make a change?Setting up your class with clickers

       Clickers are individual response devices in which students each have a remote control that allows them to quickly and anonymously respond to questions presented in-class. Clickers are now being used in many classrooms as an active learning component of courses. Terms like personal respons...
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  • What can students clickers do for you?

      Clickers go by many different names. They are often referred to as classroom response systems (CRS) or audience response systems. This, however, might imply that students are passive members, which contradicts the clicker technology’s central purpose, which is to actively engage all students as...
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  • QOMO will be exhibiting at the 2023 (Integrated Systems Europe)

    QOMO will display the latest products at ISE 2023 in Barcelona SPAIN. As a leading US brand and global manufacturer of educational and corporate collaboration technology, this year at ISE, QOMO is presenting the newest in AI security cameras and security systems. And also we will bring our 4k de...
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  • COVID-19 Impact On Desktop Document Camera Market,threat or opportunity?

    The corona virus pandemic has severely impacted the overall supply chain of the desktop document camera market. The discontinuation of operations in the production and end-use sectors has impacted the desktop document camera market. In 2020 and early 2021, the sudden outbreak of the COVID-19 pand...
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  • How to Use Document Cameras in Your Classroom

    Document cameras are devices that capture an image in real time so that you can display that image to a large audience, such as conference attendees, meeting participants, or students in a classroom. In the classroom, there are many different ways to use document cameras and get most out of it.  ...
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  • What are the reasons for the strong market competitiveness of wireless document camera manufacturers?

    With the pursuit of education quality in schools, many schools have begun to try to use some technology products to enhance the effect of actual teaching. In order to mobilize students’ enthusiasm for learning and help teachers understand the content of students’ teaching. The wirele...
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  • Try to use the student clicker to promote the classroom interaction

    Student Clicker is an educational interactive tool for teachers in public schools and training institutions, which helps teachers teach efficiently and promotes the quality of teaching in school institutions.   Firstly, raising the atmosphere to make the efficiency doubled The interactive g...
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  • Why is the student clicker so popular?

      Many intelligent products are derived under the influence of the continuous development of science and technology. The student clicker is a kind of intelligent product applied in the education industry. Let’s take a look at the benefits that professional and wondering what can stude...
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