• How student engage in classroom with Qomo response system

    Qomo’s Classroom Response System is a powerful tool that can help enhance student engagement and participation in the classroom. By allowing teachers to create interactive lessons that students can interact with using special response devices, the system can help make learning more fun and...
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  • 5 ways Qomo’s interactive panels improve education

    Interactive panels have become an essential tool in modern-day classrooms. They allow teachers to deliver engaging lessons that capture students’ attention and foster creativity and collaboration. Qomo’s interactive panels are among the best in the market, providing teachers with a w...
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  • Qomo conducted a training on how to use the clickers at Central Primary School

    Qomo, a leading manufacturer of interactive technologies, recently conducted a training session on its classroom response system at Mawei Central Primary School. The training was attended by teachers from various schools in the region who were interested in learning more about the benefits of usi...
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  • Steps to Use a Wireless Document Camera in the Classroom

    A wireless document camera is a powerful tool that can enhance learning and engagement in the classroom. With its ability to display real-time images of documents, objects, and live demonstrations, it can help capture students’ attention and make learning more interactive and fun. Here are...
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  • The Newest Document Camera in the Market

    Document cameras have become an essential tool in various settings such as classrooms, meetings, and presentations. They allow users to display images of documents, objects, and even live demonstrations in real-time. With the increasing demand for document cameras, manufacturers are continually ...
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  • Welcome to visit Qomo in the coming Infocomm in USA

    Join Qomo at booth #2761 in Infocomm,Las Vegas! Qomo, a leading manufacturer of interactive technologies will be attending the upcoming InfoComm event from June 14th to 16th,2023. The event, which is being held in Las Vegas, is the largest professional audiovisual trade show in North America, a...
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  • Interactive whiteboard or interactive flat panel?

    First, the difference in size. Due to technical and cost constraints, the current interactive flat panel is generally designed to be less than 80 inches. When this size is used in a small classroom, the demonstration effect will be better. Once it is placed in a large classroom or big conference ...
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  • What is the difference between smart classroom and traditional classroom?

    With the continuous development of technology, traditional teaching classrooms can no longer meet the needs of modern teaching. In the new educational situation, information technology, teaching activities, teaching methods, teachers’ ability to use products, teaching and data management, e...
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  • How can classroom response system improve students’ enthusiasm for learning

    The classroom needs to be interactive in order to urge students to master knowledge effectively. There are many ways to interact, such as teachers asking questions and students answering. The current classroom has introduced many modern information methods, such as answering machines, which can e...
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  • How to keep students engaged in learning with interactive devices?

    Sometimes, teaching feels like it’s half preparation and half theater. You can prep your lessons all you want, but then there’s one disruption—and boom! Your students’ attention is gone, and you can say goodbye to that concentration you worked so hard to create. Yeah, it’s enough to drive you cra...
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  • Labor Day Holiday Notice

    Here is a notice about the coming International Labor Day Holiday. We are going to have the holiday from 29th(Saturday), April to 3th, May(Wednesday). Happy holidays to all our customers and partners who have always trusted QOMO. If you have inquiry about the interactive panels, document camera, ...
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  • How can an interactive whiteboard be useful in a classroom?

    An interactive whiteboard also called interactive smart whiteboard or electronic whiteboard. It is an educational technology tool that allows teachers to show and share their computer screen or mobile device’s screen on a whiteboard mounted on a wall or on a mobile cart. Also can do a real ...
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