• Energize Your Event with an Icebreaker

    If you are the manager of a new team or delivering a presentation to a room of strangers, begin your speech with an icebreaker. Introducing the topic of your lecture, meeting, or conference with a warm-up activity will create a relaxing atmosphere and increase attention. It’s also a great way to ...
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  • How audience response systems can help you to engage your audience

    Have you ever attended a lecture where a speaker delivered a 60-minute presentation without asking the audience a single question? If you answered yes, think about how engaged you felt and if you remembered the lecture. Now, consider your level of investment had the speaker provided you with an a...
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  • Benefits of Digital Learning

    Digital learning is used throughout this guide to refer to learning that leverages digital tools and resources, regardless of where it occurs. Technology and digital tools can help your child learn in ways that work for your child. These tools can help change the way content is presented and how ...
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  • Today’s education system not equipped to build character of our students

    “It is the responsibility of teachers and institutions to train students and prepare them to participate in nation-building, which should be one of the main aims of education”: Justice Ramana Senior-most judge of the Supreme Court Justice N V Ramana, whose name was, on March 24, recommended by CJ...
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  • Remote learning isn’t new any more

    A UNICEF survey found that 94% of countries implemented some form of remote learning when COVID-19 closed schools last spring, including in the United States. This is not the first time education has been disrupted in the U.S. – nor the first time that educators have harnessed remote learning. In...
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  • Qomo 4K High resolution document camera QD5000 is going to be published

    Working from home has caused many of us to become very creative in the realm of productivity. Since clear audio and video is something everyone can appreciate, the last year has caused many folks to upgrade their webcam, microphone, and more. For anyone that has yet to do this, an upcoming 4K doc...
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  • China double reduction policy is a big storm for training institution

    China’s State Council and the Party’s central committee have jointly issued a set of rules  aimed at curtailing the sprawling sector that has flourished thanks to massive funding from global investors and ever increasing spending from families fighting to help their children gain a better footing...
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  • How to help students to adjust new school life

    Do you think is it possible to prepare your children for new beginnings? Are they old enough to navigate the tricky waters of change in their life? Well friend, today ‘m here to tell that it’s possible. Your child can walk into a new circumstance emotionally ready to take on the chall...
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  • What kind of changes will happen when artificial intelligence enters the school?

    The combination of artificial intelligence and education has become unstoppable and has created unlimited possibilities. What intelligent changes do you know about it? “One screen” smart interactive tablet enters the classroom, changing the traditional book teaching; “One lens&#...
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  • How to choose the recording equipment for micro-classes?

    With the rapid development of information technology today, it has become a general trend to use micro-classes to improve teaching efficiency without classroom teaching or students’ independent learning after class. Today, I will share with you a piece of the magic of micro-class recording-...
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  • Collaborating on an interactive touch screen panel

    An interactive touch screen panel (ITSP) is provided and methods performed by the ITSP are provided. The ITSP is configured to perform methods that allow the presenter or instructor to annotate, record, and teach from any input or software on the panel. In addition, the ITSP is configured to exec...
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  • The use of ARS boosts the participations

    Currently, the use of groundbreaking technology in educational programs indicates significant progress in medical education. There is a significant development in the formative assessment with the practice of multiple educational technologies. Such as the use of an audience response system (ARS) ...
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